Special Session in Spoofing and Countermeasures for Automatic Speaker Verification

Date occurred: 
Thu, 23/05/2013

A special session on spoofing and countermeasures for automatic speaker verification has recently been accepted into the technical programme of Interspeech 2013 in Lyon


Outline:  It is widely acknowledged that most biometric systems are vulnerable to imposture or spoofing attacks. While vulnerabilities and countermeasures for other biometric modalities have been widely studied, automatic speaker verification systems remain vulnerable. This special session aims to promote the study of spoofing and countermeasures for the speech modality. We invite submissions with an emphasis on new countermeasures in addition to papers with a focus on previously unconsidered vulnerabilities, new databases, evaluation protocols and metrics for the assessment of automatic speaker verification in the face of spoofed samples. In particular, we aim to stimulate new interest from colleagues working in related fields, e.g. voice conversion and speech synthesis, whose participation is sought for the design of future evaluations.


Nicholas Evans, evans [at] eurecom [dot] fr, EURECOM
Tomi Kinnunen, tomi [dot] kinnunen [at] uef [dot] fi, University of Eastern Finland
Junichi Yamagishi, jyamagis [at] inf [dot] ed [dot] ac [dot] uk, University of Edinburgh
Sebastien Marcel, marcel [at] idiap [dot] ch, Idiap Research Institute